ifm3d::IFMNetworkDevice Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 IFMNetworkDevice (Data &data, const std::string &ip_address_via_interface)
std::string GetIPAddress () const
 Ip Address of the device.
std::string GetMACAddress () const
 Mac Address of the device.
std::string GetNetmask () const
 Netmask of the network of camera.
std::string GetGateway () const
 Gateway of the device.
uint16_t GetPort () const
 Port on which device discovery is done.
uint16_t GetFlag () const
 Device gives some additional information via those flags.
std::string GetHostName () const
 Hostname of the device.
std::string GetDeviceName () const
 Device name.
uint16_t GetVendorId () const
 Vendor ID of the device.
uint16_t GetDeviceId () const
 Device ID of the device.
std::string GetFoundVia () const
 Founf via interface.

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