ifm3d::SemVer Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 SemVer (size_t major, size_t minor, size_t patch, const std::optional< std::string > prerelease=std::nullopt, const std::optional< std::string > build_meta=std::nullopt)
constexpr bool operator< (const SemVer &rhs) const
constexpr bool operator== (const SemVer &rhs) const
constexpr bool operator!= (const SemVer &rhs) const
constexpr bool operator>= (const SemVer &rhs) const
constexpr bool operator> (const SemVer &rhs) const
constexpr bool operator<= (const SemVer &rhs) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::optional< SemVerParse (const std::string &version_string)

Public Attributes

const size_t major_num
const size_t minor_num
const size_t patch_num
const std::optional< std::string > prerelease
const std::optional< std::string > build_meta


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const SemVer &version)

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