ifm3d Overview

Library and utilities for working with ifm pmd-based 3D ToF Perception devices. Compatible with the O3R, O3D and O3X platforms. This library is available in python, c++, and has wrappers for ROS and ROS2.
C++ API Reference
Python API Reference
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3D cloud



3D cloud of a stack of boxes

Distance image of a stack of boxes

RGB image of a stack of boxes

Released Versions

⚠️ Note that the main branch is generally in a work in progress state and you probably want to use a tagged release version for production.

⚠️ Note that O3D and O3X support is currently experimental- Use at your own risk!.

Current Revision

The table below show the compatibility between the current ifm3d version and the firmware versions for the O3X, O3D and O3R devices. Other combinations than the ones listed below might work but have not been thoroughly tested.

ifm3d version

Supported O3D Firmware Version

Supported O3X Firmware Version

Supported O3R Firmware Version

Supported Ubuntu Linux Version






20.04, 22.04

See the changelog and the migrating guide.

Note that a full compatibility matrix is available here for older versions.

Organization of the Software

The ifm3d software is organized into modules, they are:

Module name



Provides an implementation of the XMLRPC protocol for configuring the camera and pmd imager settings.


Provides an implementation of the PCIC protocol for streaming pixel data and triggered image acquisition.


Provides utilities for managing the SWUpdate subsystem of the camera.


Direct access to PCIC to, for example, actuate digital IO.


Provides the ifm3d command line tool for manipulating and introspecting the hardware interactively. It is also suitable for usage within shell scripts to, for example, manage fleets of cameras.


Provides python bindings through pybind11 to the native C++ API. Supports all general camera functionality as well as a zero-copy interface to image data, exposed as NumPy arrays.


Provides definitions and functions for deserializing structs sent over PCIC.

Installation instructions

Please refer to the corresponding section on

Supported docker containers

Docker containers are available for the ifm3d library, both on ghcr and on the dockerhub. You can pull them with:

docker pull


docker pull ifmrobotics/ifm3d:stable

Note that we provide 2 tags, stable always points to the latest tagged version, and latest is built nightly with the latest changes on the o3r/main-next branch. The latest tag is typically a work in progress.
For more details on the available containers, see here.
For more details on docker and the O3R platform see here.

Report a bug and check the known issues

Please see the Github Issue Tracker, or contact


Please see the LICENSE file.