Migration Guide V1.1.0

The main change in version 1.1.0 of ifm3d is the corrected order of the coordinates in the O3R XYZ_IMAGE buffer and the renamed O3R_DISTANCE_IMAGE_INFO and O3R_RGB_IMAGE_INFO to be in line with the ids reported by the device.

XYZ_IMAGE coordinates

In v1.0.0 the coordinates in the buffer were actually in ZXY order, this has been corrected to now be in XYZ order.

Renamed buffer_ids

The following buffer_ids have been renamed:


This change has been made so the buffer_ids align with the buffer_ids reported by the device in availablePCICOutput.

The old buffer_ids are marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

API Interface changes

Framgrabber::Stop() now returns a std::future<void> (Awaitable in Python) which completes once the shutdown is complete. Note that when calling Stop() inside a callback function waiting for shutdown will result in a deadlock as the FrameGrabber cannot finish until the callback is completed.